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Entry for May 28, 2008

Can I exercise with FS?

 Common sense might suggest that individuals with FS should not exercise and, in fact, many do limit their physical activities because of the fear of exacerbating symptoms. The reality is that individuals with FS cannot afford to not exercise.

Appropriately applied exercise interrupts the downhill spiral of muscular and cardiovascular deconditioning and resulting loss of function that many individuals with FS experience. Deconditioning makes the musculature more susceptible to micro-trauma from any given physical activity which increases symptoms.

Additionally, many individuals have postural imbalances, tight muscles and poor range of motion, all of which place additional strain on the body and its ability to effectively move about.

Chronic pain syndromes and their accompanying loss of function frequently lead to depression. Physical activity has been shown to be an effective modality for improving mental outlook.


2008-05-28 11:29:33 GMT
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