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Entry for November 17, 2008

The holidays are such a busy time for me, I cannot find any time to exercise what should I do?


Most Fitness Experts recommend at least thirty minutes of daily physical activity for healthy adults.   Here are some great ideas to fit fitness into your life every day during the holiday season.

 -For Walking:

Try to park at the end of the parking lot, so you have a nice long walk to get in to the store. When you are in the mall walk around the mall a few times at a light to moderates pace. Exercise is cumulative that means you can do three ten minute walks a day to reach your goal of a thirty minute walk a day.

-For Balance:

 When you are standing in line with your hands on the shopping cart, stand on one leg at a time. See if you can do this for ten seconds on each foot, try and  build the time up to thirty seconds ,Then the next level would be to where just your finger tips touch the cart. The finally level in this exercise would be if you can stand on foot without holding onto the cart at all.


 Keep in mind that something is better than nothing. Do whatever you can to squeeze in 10-minute intervals of activity throughout the day.



2008-11-17 12:06:21 GMT
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