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Entry for November 11, 2008

My weight has hit a plateau why has that happened?


There are several reasons why your weight can hit a plateau, including:

Losing weight too quickly. When this happens, your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) can slow down because your body senses it is starving.

Losing muscle . When you lose weight, up to 25% can come from muscle tissue. And since muscle is the engine in your body that burns calories and helps maintain your metabolism, losing it can hinder weight loss.

Reaching your body's particular set point -- the weight and metabolic rate your body is genetically programmed to be . Once you reach that point, it's much harder to lose weight and even if you do, you're likely to regain it.

Decreasing your physical activity and/or increasing your caloric intake.

Other health factors , including thyroid or adrenal gland problems; medications like antidepressants; quitting smoking; menopause; and pregnancy.

Even with any of the above factors, the bottom line to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you burn. Studies show that people almost always underestimate how many calories they're eating. So if you're struggling with weight loss, you're still exercising, and you've ruled out any of the above reasons for weight plateaus look at your calorie intake or change your fitness routine.

Exercise alone does not necessarily make you lose weight, but it will help you to slim down and reshape your body by decreasing fat and increasing muscle. Regular exercise:

Helps you burn calories that you have consumed during meals

Helps combat muscle loss that can occur when you lose weight

Builds up your muscle tissue

Increases the amount of calories that you burn. The more muscular you are, the more calories you burn. 


2008-11-11 12:23:44 GMT
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